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PRP Topically vs. the Vampire Facelift

Collagen is an essential skin protein. As we age, we lose muscle and collagen in our faces which can cause the facial skin to wrinkle and sag. The texture and color of our skin change as well. For the most part, people who seek facial skin treatments are looking to reverse these undesirable effects of aging.

Vampire facelift

You may have heard of the so-called “vampire facelift” in the news, and the catchy name has inspired our clients to ask lots of questions about this new procedure.

The “vampire facelift” involves drawing a patient’s blood and then spinning it in a centrifuge to create platelet-rich plasma (PRP). That PRP is then injected into the skin as dermal filler. Because PRP helps to stimulate the growth of new collagen, skin is left smoother, fuller, and rejuvenated. This is why PRP is often referred to as the “vampire facelift” – because the patient’s own blood is the basis for the treatment.

Topical application of PRP

At Dr. WW Med Spa, we believe we have an improved method of administering the platelet rich plasma, by applying it to the skin topically.

Instead of application through injections, as in the vampire facelift, we utilize Micro Needling to “stamp” the skin, creating tiny channels along the surface. The PRP is then applied topically to the skin and, through the channels, penetrates deeply into the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin.

Topically applying PRP through these channels enables it to reach more planes in the skin, compared to injections where the PRP is isolated to the injected area. Thus, the micro needling allows the PRP to get into the skin more evenly, affecting the total face rather than only certain sections of it.

As an added benefit, with topical application of PRP there is less pain and “down time” compared to injections. The treatment method is completely safe and ideal for all skin types.

What can PRP help with?

If you have significant stretch marks, acne scars, or wrinkles, consider speaking with us about topical PRP treatment. If you’re disappointed with the tone or color of your skin, or if you have begun to notice age spotting or other problem areas, let us know. As a leading non-surgical option, topical PRP treatments are a cutting-edge therapy utilizing the healing ability of your own body to help smooth and stimulate recovery for damaged skin.

Here are some answers to the most common questions we, at Dr. WW Med Spa, receive about PRP:

How safe is PRP?

PRP treatments have been used on thousands of patients and have been conclusively established as safe. Because we’re using your own blood, there is no risk of allergic reaction. You won’t need to be tested for skin allergies prior to treatment, but we will need to know if you have any history of allergic reactions.

Where will you apply PRP?

You probably have specific areas that concern you, and PRP may be effective for treating those areas. We apply PRP in the area the microneedling treatment is done, such as the face, emphasizing on problematic areas such as signs of aging and/or scarring.


What happens during the procedure?

The first step is to draw your blood. Then, we will use a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells, and to concentrate the platelets. Next, we use micro needling to create tiny channels in the skin. Then PRP is applied topically and enters the skin through the tiny channels. Following application and absorption, we’ll cleanse your skin thoroughly.


What side effects should I expect?

Side effects will be minor, and no serious side effects have been reported by patients treated topically with PRP. You should expect some mild irritation and tenderness at the site of the micro needling. Look for those effects to abate after about two days. If you schedule your treatment carefully, you should be able to get back to your regular routine with little, if any, noticeable swelling or bruises.


What type of result can I expect after treatment?

The purpose of the topical application of PRP is to provide an increase in volume by using your own plasma to stimulate collagen production. You’ll see some results immediately after your treatment. Then, within a few weeks of completing treatment, you’ll see a sustained difference in the volume and texture of your skin. Our clients are very happy with their results after such a minimally-invasive procedure.


Dr. WW Med Spa

Dr. WW Med Spa can help you to roll back the clock and obtain healthy, rejuvenated skin using the most natural product available – your own plasma. Come in for a consultation with our expert staff, and let us answer your questions about the topical application of PRP.

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