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Laser Hair Removal

Available machines to treat:

  • ACC
  • ND YAG

Interested in laser hair removal? It’s easier and simpler than you might think! Let’s find out more about laser hair removal at Dr. WW Medspa:

  • What is laser hair removal and how does it work?

In laser hair removal, a medical laser is used to target unwanted hair follicles and burn them away using a brief, precise pulse of light. When the root of the follicle is destroyed, it will no longer be possible for the hair to grow back. For long-lasting, desirable results, every follicle in an area must be targeted. This may take four, six or eight sessions.

  • What does laser hair removal feel like? Is it painless?

Laser hair removal is not painful for most people, but there is a sensation. One person described it as a tiny rubber band snapped against the skin. Others sense it as a brief, painless “static” feeling. Generally, women are slightly more alert to the sensation than men. Some areas of the body may have more or less sensation.

  • How long does it last?

If a full course of treatment is completed, the hair removal is intended to last many years. In general, it’s common to schedule a “touch-up” appointment a year or so after finishing the final treatment. Over long periods of time, some hair follicles may recover and hair may grow back, especially in younger people. Most hair will never come back.

  • How does laser hair removal compare to other permanent hair removal methods?

On average, the results from laser hair removal will be equal or superior to all other methods now available. Electrolysis, which uses electrical pulses to damage follicles, generally takes longer, is more expensive, and is painful for many. Most people find laser to be the superior option – it is easier, safer, and far more convenient than the alternatives.

  • Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is very safe. A trained laser professional using modern technology has all the safety training needed to ensure good results. During treatment, eye protection is often offered to the patient to safeguard vision while the laser is being used.
The slight possibility of uneven results, blemishes, or scarring is mitigated by using appropriate skincare before and after treatment.

  • At what age can you get laser hair removal?

The procedure is appropriate for adults of any age. Results are not affected by age in any way. However, younger individuals are more likely to find some hair grows back many months or years later.
Follow-up appointments can resolve this problem. Since older people generally have thinner skin, they may be more sensitive to the hair removal laser.

  • Dr. WW Medspa

Looking for the laser hair removal NYC residents trust? At Dr. WW Medspa, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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