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Nonsurgical Face Shaping

Non-Surgical Face Slimming

 A square jawline attributed to TMJ, genetics, excessive teeth clenching and bruxism can increase the size of the masseter muscles and create a jawline to look wider, which some many find to be masculine. A slimmer jawline creates a slender facial profile and typically a more youthful facial shape.

How Does It Work?

 By injecting Botox to relax the bulky masseter muscles on each side of your jaw, this effectively shrinks the jawline, reducing the appearance of a square jawline. By relaxing these muscles, it will lose its bulk and size over time.

How Long Until I See Results?

 Results will be seen in 4-6 weeks

How Long Will It Last?

 Results typically last about 6 months. After 6 months, you may see the masseter muscles to be slightly smaller than once before or revert back to its original size.

Treatments Available For Face Slimming

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