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  • What is BOTOX®?

Botulinium toxin, also known as BOTOX®, is a type of injection and alternative to plastic surgery, that can erase wrinkles and other obvious signs of facial aging. Clostridium botulinium is a type of bacterium that the injection serum is derived from. It can also treat medical conditions like chronic migraines, blepharospasms and upper motor neuron syndrome among others. However, most people tend to prefer it for its cosmetic properties. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a variation on the BOTOX® injections most are familiar with and is supposed to erase crow’s feet and frown lines.

The BOTOX® injection can erase lines and wrinkles on your face, restoring some of that youthful look that you’ve lost. These injections are more affordable than plastic surgery and don’t have the same kinds of side effects and long recovery times that one might face when going under the knife. Of course, before you schedule an appointment with your doctor, it will help to understand the basics of BOTOX®, which will be described below in more detail.

  • What Does a BOTOX® Injection Do?

An injection will freeze the muscles in a persons face, preventing them from making expressions that will cause or deepen lines and wrinkles. The muscles and nerves stop interacting once you receive an injection. Besides ceasing the ability for you to cause deeper lines, the relaxed muscles that a person would experience after an injection, also allows the lines and wrinkles to begin to disappear, which seemingly erasing any traces of you getting older. The doctors that administer the shots know the correct amount of botilinium type A or type B to inject and only do so in certain areas of the face.

  • Am I Right for BOTOX®?

Before the first injection, the doctor will discuss all medical procedures and ask about all medical history. As long as you have began to develop crow’s feet, wrinkles and other unwanted fine lines and the doctor finds no adverse health issues, you should be able to receive BOTOX®.

  • What does BOTOX® treat?

Since muscles are altered and calmed by an injection, one can expect for the wrinkles that have plagued to disappear over time. Numerous parts of the face can be targeted and even the neck can be tightened. Lips, nose, eyes, space between the eyes, and ones forehead can all look fresh and smooth with the injections. Mouth wrinkles, bunny lines, crow’s feet and creases will all fade with proper BOTOX® injections.

  • What results should I expect from BOTOX® injections?

Once you’ve visited your doctor and received the shots necessary, it is common to not see immediate results. Generally, it takes about three days for any noticeable changes. As the days go on, you will experience more pronounced results; it may take a week or two to achieve this effect.

  • How long does a Botox treatment take?

Another benefit to BOTOX® when compared to plastic surgery is that it takes less than an hour for your doctor to administer the shots. You could be in and out in as soon as 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Are Botox treatments safe?

The Botox treatment is considered safe by the medical community. If you are concerned, please read over the side effects section or contact the staff at Dr. WW Medspa.

  • How soon are the results of Botox injections noticeable?

In three to seven days, you should see skin that looks supple and fresher. It some cases, it may take two weeks though to see true changes.

  • How long are Botox injections effective?

As long as facial muscles aren’t moved excessively, some patients have enjoyed fewer lines for up to three to six months. However, after that time, the effects will begin to gradually fade away, so it’s important to return to the doctor to schedule another BOTOX® injection.

  • Are there side effects from Botox?

Some patients do experience minor side effects. The skin that received the injection may be red or swollen, but this will calm with time. Also few bruises might be noticeable in the area. If the side effects do not fade within a day or two, contact the doctor immediately.

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